A day I Will Never Forget

As most of you know I have a pet rabbit called Kiara who I got for Christmas. Now if you read my “What I Got For Christmas” blog post you will kinda know what happened but I dint tell you everything…….

1 or 2 weeks before Christmas my mum told me that she was going out to get a new pet cat and me being the animal lover I am I just assumed that’s what she was doing. After a couple of hours or so my mum came home and said “Jack can you come downstairs please” and when she said that I just randomly through she wanted me to help her settle the cat in and get all the stuff ready.

What I dint know is that my mum actually went out to go and get a wonderful rabbit called Kiara from Pets At Home and when I went downstairs I was shocked and lost for words and it was the best surprise in the ever.

After setting up Kiara cage and making her fill safe and so on I was planning things for me to do so she would get use to me and settled in.

Thankfully this bit was kinda easy because I use to look after 3 rabbits and attended an animal care and welfare college so I had a pretty good idea about what I had to do.

After a couple of days of getting Kiara settled in I then got her use to me grooming her, picking her what’s she all okay with now.

Kiara is my would she means everything to me and I love her so much and the best thing about me having Kiara is that I get to show and give her as much love as possible. Kiara is such a wonderful rabbit I have had her for about 2-3 months now and I can all ready tell she’s use to me.

Kiara is perfect and I love her so much I wouldn’t change her for the would.


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