Book Reviews

1. The Scrap Book Of My Life The Scrap Book of My Life is a really fun you get to see photos of Alfie Deyes what people have never seen befor only people with the book can see the photos .You also get to find out more about Alfie and stuff about what he was like as a kid its … More Book Reviews

Tumber VS WordPress

I have used  WordPress  and  Tumblr and I used both of them for blogging but I liked WordPress more then Tumblr because its more easy to use and you make your blog look really nice. WordPress WordPress is a fantastic site to use if you want to make a site or blog and I have 1 site on WordPress and my blog what is also … More Tumber VS WordPress

Womad 2017

I went to this years Womad and it’s been amazing spending time with my wonderful family and watching all the music and having loads of fun  This is my second time that I have been to Womad and what I love about it is that everything was different and none of it was the same … More Womad 2017

 The Blog Tag

I was tagged by  Allanah who is an amazing blogger and a wonderful person her passion for blogging is unbelievable and the work she puts in to her blog and blog posts is amazing. You can find Allanah version of The Blog Tag by clicking hear Why did you start your blog?  – I sarted my blog because I … More  The Blog Tag