London 2017

Couple of weeks ago I went to London for the day what I was so excited about because if there is one place I love going to the most is London. I love how busy the city is and seeing all the people work to and from and seeing all cars, buses and taxis driving … More London 2017

New me 

The reson why I have chose to do a blog post about the new me is becuse I have chaneged my life for good and got rid of the people who are not so kind and force me and not other people. This wasn’t easy and it took a long time to sort stuff out … More New me 


To some people a home can be a number of diffrent things but to me its a place waer I can get my work done and yes I know to some people that sounds boring or dull but when you have a blog and unless you have office what is in like town or in … More Home


One thing I love the most are animals all ways have and all ways will and no matter what the animal is I will all ways love it even if I don’t like the animal I seem to all ways find a way to love them. I go to an animal care and welfare college … More Animals


Telegraph Woods what is a great place to go even if it’s just to spend some time on your own or going for walk you can even take your dog’s for a walk.  Luckily the wether was lovely and sunny what ment taking photos was going to be easy and it also ment that Telegraph Woods … More Telegraph

Womad 2016

Last year I went to the Womad festival with my loving family we had an amazing time watching all different types of music.